About US

"Ordinary days can have extraordinary moments" These are the words of Augusto Reyes, a man whose passion for cigars, inspired by his family background of more than 150 years in the tobacco harvest, made him build CCE, a factory where skilled men and women, artisans hands and master blenders come together as a family to share a common love: cigars.

Our company's philosophy is to make of each cigar a luxurious masterpiece of beauty, aroma and flavor without equal. For us, to redefine the pleasure of each puff is a genuine passion that we maintain, thanks to the motivation of providing the true aficionados an incomparable experience by smoking our cigars.

The fifth and sixth generation of the Reyes family work synergistically in the constant quest of excellence, by respecting the ancestral traditions and committing to provide cigars of the highest quality. Because at CCE making the best is not only an art but a family tradition.